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Debt Arrangement

The team at RCP has extensive global experience raising funding for cross border trade and commodity finance. The transactions are usually customized to fit the specific circumstance and requirements of the business. For example, a deal might require a high level of structure or could be a simple unsecured transaction; tenors can be short or medium term; documentation can be simple promissory notes or more complex loan agreements. The firm’s distribution capacity is an important strength and is essential to the effectiveness of the business. RCP can tap into the traditional source of capital for trade, which is commercial banks located throughout the world. Additional providers of funding with which RCP has worked include institutional lenders such as insurance companies and funds. Depending on the specific transaction, the lender could be a single entity or a formal loan syndication. RCP recognizes that it is essential to balance the needs of the borrower with the requirements of the supplier of the capital.

Asset Management

Outsourcing & Recovery Services